Our final days in the Bahamas...

I can’t believe I’m already writing this post. A month and a half has gone by since we crossed the Gulf Stream, landed in Bimini and saw the crystal clear blue water of this piece of paradise... 

So, after letting Virginie and Arnaud in Nassau, we set sails for the Berry Islands, a chain of islands that we explored on our way to the Exumas, but still had a lot of hidden gems to reveal. On our way there, as some of you might already know, I finally got to realize a dream of mine to catch my own mahi mahi! With MY line in the water, and MY muscles to take it out. It was so exciting, I hadn’t yelled of joy and adrenaline that much in a long time! Anyway, it made it the most delicious fish I had in my entire life. So now I’m ready for a ahi. 😜 

We ended up at Frozen Cay for a night, to give me some time to clean up the fish and cook it. 😁 The next morning, we went to check out Bonds Cay, thinking that it might be exciting, but it ended up being just ok. So we chilled on the boat and relaxed. We moved again a day later to get to Hoffmann’s Cay, where we wanted to check out a blue hole on the island.

On our way there though, we saw our first blue hole right there under Rolianne! The change of colors makes it extremely impressive, and had us wonder what was hiding below. We’ll never know!

The blue hole on the island had nothing living in it except for all the mussels on the edge, but what ended up being the entertainment was the 20 ft cliff from where you could jump into the blue hole! Of course, I didn’t jump. You know me... But would you believe me if I was to tell you that Julianne did?? At least I have a video to prove it. Later that night, I asked her: why did you do it? And she just replied that she had never jumped from so high, so she had to try. Brave, or crazy? 😉


Before the winds were about to turn from the West, we moved to Great Harbor Cay, where we chilled for a couple of nights and waited for the weather to settle. We had a couple of thunderstorms and squalls that even got a neighbor to lose his anchor overnight. Glad it wasn’t us...


Once the trade winds were back, we moved to Little Stirrup Cay, or Coco Cay, to get closer to Bimini before crossing the Great Bahama bank again. And what a crossing it ended up being... We decided to do an overnight crossing, hoping for the bank effect to reduce the winds a little and let us sail back calmly to where it all started. Well, nope. Big waves on our port side all night, making our boat roll, a lot. Then came the thunderstorm just South of us. Not my style of night sailing. We changed course to increase confort, and headed for Gun Cay instead. Anyway, more scare (for me only, of course...) than anything, and we made it to « port » in the morning. Now we have just been enjoying Bimini and its surrounding before heading back to Florida tomorrow!

Honeymoon harbor with its dozens of sting rays hanging out around you, waiting to be fed, like little pets..

Diving the road to Atlantis, right next to Bimini. I think it's just a pile of rocks, but hey, it's nice to think that if Atlantis ever existed, I saw what's left of it. ;)

Enjoying Radio beach, anchored right infront of it.


So long Bahamas! We loved you!!


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