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The end of a « once in a life time » trip...

Well well well... 10 months earlier, I was writing my first post on this blog, talking about why we made the decision to quit everything for a year on a sailboat.
Two weeks ago, we were leaving Rolianne behind in Fort Pierce, heading for a surprise stop at Universal Studios!

It was a perfect day to celebrate the sale, and it was even more perfect as there were no long line ups to do all the fun rides!! We all had our favorite, and I got to say that I even enjoyed meeting Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron. 😁

The Diagon Alley of Harry Potter was also a big hit for everyone, with its fire-breathing dragon, Ollivander's Wand Shop, The leaky Cauldron, etc. The only disapointment: we ordered a beer and ended up with a butterbeer. 😂

We then started our long trip back North, starting with Savannah, which I really wanted to visit. Walking on these historic streets and visiting a civic rights history museum made our morning before heading to Raleigh for the night. The next morning, we d…